Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Physics Design Practical 

Physics students used the design practical to explore a wide range of ideas, with some of them making pieces of equipment to help with their experiment.

   Jacob, Daniel and Josh - investigating the movement of a ball bearing in different density liquids
   Ross and Nathan - investigating lift power by varying the number of coils in a motor 
Daniel and Clarence - investigating the strength of a magnetic field versus distance

Nathan, Daniella and Ashleigh - investigating the displacement of springs by varying the length

Sheridan and Jason - investigating the displacement of springs by varying the length

Nick and Kevin - investigating how refraction of a laser changes through water as the temperature changes

Nickson and Ashley - investigating the velocity of different surface areas of parachutes

Mitchell and Edith - calculating the impact velocity speed of a ball bearing by catching it with a remote control car

Liam, Nathan andEthan - investigating the distance pulled back of a sling shot versus the range of the projectile

Cameron and Leon - investigating the heights different balls bounce
Andrew and Zac - investigating the distance different sized paper planes travel

Yegor,Caleb and Keegan - investigating sound intensity as it varies with distance

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Associate Professor Martin Johnston Speaks to SMAF Chemistry students

Martin is Associate Dean of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences and his main research interest is supramolecular organic chemistry.
He talked about how all sciences intersect, especially all the different research fields in chemistry.

Supramolecular organic chemistry investigates how molecules interact with each other and has it has many applications, including: artificial ion channels, molecular 'clothes pegs and tweezers', corrosion protection, the development of new energetic materials and in the detection of drug impurities

Naomi with Martin


Cluster Map