Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Year 10 Taster Day

On the 23 June Year 10 students participated in a range of science, mathematics and technology workshops offered by academics and science communicators here at Flinders University.

The day was opened by Professor Warren Lawrance, the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and he spoke to students about how beneficial the SMAF program can be in preparing them for life at university.

Professor Martin Westwell, from Science 21, then spoke to the students about why having skills is not enough in the 21st century, and how 'skillability' is the key. This means that employees of the future need to be adaptable and be willing to 'have a go' at solving problems that they have never encountered before. And how an education in science, mathematics and technology will give students the ability to see a problem from multiple perspectives.

The session presenters were:
1) Maths for Computer Games - Rasika
2) Electronic Circuits - Marissa
3) Cooling Gasses - Josie
4) Mapping your Steps - Clara
5) Palaeontology - Carey Burke
6) Nanotechnology - Vanya and Nathan
7) The Social Networking of Lizards - Dr Mike Gardner and Amy
8) Illegal Drug laboratories - Professor John Edwards

Warren Lawrance

Martin Westwell

Marissa working with students from Aberfoyle Park  

Russell Johns from Aberfoyle Park High School

Carey Burke  - Palaeontology

Dr Mike Gardner - showing us that lizards have a social life!

Amy with one of the lizards

Clara - showing students how to map using technology

Colin from Hallett Cove school on the left, with John Edwards who presented a very interesting talk about illegal drug laboratories. 

Chad from Mt Compass, with Professor Martin Westwell and Naomi from Christies Beach High school.

Nathan presenting about Nanotechnology

Joise - showing flames in her Cooling Gasses presentation
And some more flames!

Rasika showing the maths behind computer games

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Cluster Map