Tuesday, 19 November 2013

SMAF Year 11 Orientation Day

Seventy year 11 students participated in the SMAF Orientation Day on November 13. Students met their SMAF teachers and gained an understanding of how the program will work. Plus they had a chance to get to know their way around the university campus and meet students from the other participating schools. Each of the SMAF teachers ran a workshop which show cased some of the theory that students will be studying in 2014.

Naomi demonstrating during the Chemistry workshop

Naomi and Zoe working with students in the Chemistry workshop.

Donna and Sally explaining the Physics activity


Specialist Maths
Maurice, the Specialist Maths teacher

Jason from the Science and Engineering Faculty helped Maurice run the Specialist Maths workshop

Tony, one of the SMAF tutors helping students from Yankalilla


Cluster Map