Thursday, 27 June 2013

Year 10 Taster Day

Year 10 Taster Day - 27 June
Students from the SMAF schools rotated through a series of hands-on mathematics / science workshops, which were designed to give them a 'taste' of a range of scientific disciplines.

Professor Warren Lawrance, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, opened the day with an interesting talk about the importance of all citizens having a broad range of scientific knowledge.

This was followed by a wonderful talk from Associate Professor Jamie Quinton, who talked why you would pursue a career in science and the multidisciplinary nature of science.

Cooling Gasses with Lily

Robotics with Marissa

Nanotechnology - with a focus on solar

Social networking of lizards with Dr Mike Gardner

Palaeontology with Carey Burke

Microbiology with Narelle

Lily giving a fabulous Nanotechnology talk

Design Practical Task - Chemistry


Cluster Map