Sunday, 24 March 2013

Specialist Mathematics presentation by Associate Professor Alan Branford 

Alan, who is the Director Studies in Mathematics and Statistics at Flinders University, gave an inspiring talk about how mathematics and statistics can be used in real life to the SMAF Specialist Mathematics students.
His talk centred around his work at the Lotteries Commission, where he was employed to ensure that the commission made money on games such as Kino. His take home message was that it was better to be employed by the Lotteries Commission rather than gambling!
He also gave the students a booklet which showed hundreds of job advertisements for people with qualifications in mathematics, to show there are huge employment opportunities available.
Alan discussed how his work has enabled him to work with people from many different disciplines, including biologists investigating the roosting activity of the southern bent wing bat.

Alan with the Specialist Maths teachers: Daliana and Maurice 

Alan involved students to generate data and demonstrate the probability of throwing a die.

Alan's final slide showed how for every dollar a gambler spends, over the long term they will receive 72 cents in return.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PHYSICS: Rotational Motion Practical task

This week students investigated rotational motion, which is their first summative practical task in the first year physics laboratories.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Professor Joe Shapter  - Environmental Chemistry presentation 

Professor Joe Shapter is the Dean of School in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, who has a passion for teaching. This was evident when he gave a very informative and highly engaging presentation about environmental chemistry to the SMAF chemistry students.

Joe Shapter with Zoe, one of the SMAF Chemistry teachers

He initially asked the students to list the top ten problems facing the world and then showed how these were inter-related. Joe discussed some of his research into solar cell development and carbon nanotubes and how these could be used as part of the solution to some of the major issues facing the world today.


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