Tuesday, 19 November 2013

SMAF Year 11 Orientation Day

Seventy year 11 students participated in the SMAF Orientation Day on November 13. Students met their SMAF teachers and gained an understanding of how the program will work. Plus they had a chance to get to know their way around the university campus and meet students from the other participating schools. Each of the SMAF teachers ran a workshop which show cased some of the theory that students will be studying in 2014.

Naomi demonstrating during the Chemistry workshop

Naomi and Zoe working with students in the Chemistry workshop.

Donna and Sally explaining the Physics activity


Specialist Maths
Maurice, the Specialist Maths teacher

Jason from the Science and Engineering Faculty helped Maurice run the Specialist Maths workshop

Tony, one of the SMAF tutors helping students from Yankalilla

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Associate Professor Jamie Quinton presents to SMAF Physics students

The Year 12 Physics students were lucky enough to have Jamie Quinton present on 16 October on Nuclear Stability.

Jamie Quinton is the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences. He is an Associate Professor of Nanotechnology/Physics/Chemical Physics.

Some of his current research interests include: Nanoscale surface phenomena, surface modification, finding alternatives to currently used, hazardous, inorganic treatments for corrosion protection and building new architectures for harvesting solar power.

His insightful and well presented lecture described the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, as well outlining the advantages and disadvantages of both.He used excellent visual models to describe the science, including if a hydrogen atom was scaled up to be the size of Australia then the nucleus would be one quarter of the size of Uluru.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Associate Professor Stewart Walker speaks to the SMAF Chemistry students

Stewart Walker with the SMAF Chemistry teachers: Anthony, Zoe and Naomi
Stewart Walker is a forensic, environmental and analytical chemist, with research interests that cover all aspects of advanced analytical techniques, especially mass spectrometry.

He discussed many real applications of his work, including how mass spectrometry can be used to help determine if a cheque has been forged by analysing ink on paper fibres, how isotope ratios can be used to determine the origins of soil and wine, and whether environmental contamination, for example mercury in the Great Barrier reef, occurred recently or hundreds of years ago.

He explained how he is growing his hair as part of an experiment to show that chemicals trapped in hair can indicate which part of the world a person has been to. Everyday chemicals, including those in soap, drinking water and diet can be used to place the whereabouts of a person, down to the number of days they have spent in a particular location. Analysis of Stewart's hair a few years ago accurately showed that  he had travelled from Australia, to Norway for 10 days, then onto New Orleans for 5 days,  Prague for 10 days and then finally back to Australia. This sort of technology could be used to help identify corpses after natural disasters as well tracking the movement of people around the world.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Design Practical Task: SMAF Physics

Student were required to design an investigation that determined the relationship between the strength of the magnetic field around a current carrying solenoid and the distance from the solenoid.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Year 10 Taster Day

Year 10 Taster Day - 27 June
Students from the SMAF schools rotated through a series of hands-on mathematics / science workshops, which were designed to give them a 'taste' of a range of scientific disciplines.

Professor Warren Lawrance, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, opened the day with an interesting talk about the importance of all citizens having a broad range of scientific knowledge.

This was followed by a wonderful talk from Associate Professor Jamie Quinton, who talked why you would pursue a career in science and the multidisciplinary nature of science.

Cooling Gasses with Lily

Robotics with Marissa

Nanotechnology - with a focus on solar

Social networking of lizards with Dr Mike Gardner

Palaeontology with Carey Burke

Microbiology with Narelle

Lily giving a fabulous Nanotechnology talk


Cluster Map