Thursday, 28 June 2012

Year 10 Science and Maths Day: An Introduction to Flinders University

Approximately 140 students from the 8 SMAF schools spent the 28th June experiencing a variety of mathematics and science workshops.
Professor Warren Lawrance, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering spoke to the students about the benefits of study maths and science due to these subjects being vital in all of our lives on a daily basis.
Bob Buxton from Science 21 with Warren Lawrance
 Professor Martin Westwell, a neuroscientist gave a fascinating talk about how today's students need to have not skills, but 'skillability' to be successful. Meaning that students need to be able to have the ability to learn and apply skills across a variety of fields. Being adaptable, persistent, flexible and focussed are keys to being successful.
Chris Matthews from Christies Beach High School with Professor Martin Westwell

Student feedback received from day was very positive:

1) My name is Jorja from Christies Beach High, and I just wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday at Flinders University. I heard that Flinders needs more female engineers, and thats exactly what I want to be, a Structural Engineer and go to Flinders to study. :)

2) I just wanted to thank you for organising the excursion to flinders university. I learned a lot and it was great fun, I hope to go to Flinders University after I finish school. Jonathan

3) I'd just like to say thank you for the experience i had yesterday i really appreciate and enjoyed it. It made me see that there are a lot more things available for my future and has made me reconsider the things i wanted to do. Thanks again, Brianna

Eight workshops were run across the day and students attended three of them.

a) Saving Lives: Three Paramedic students: Chloe, Adam and Simon talked to the students about how science and maths are integral to their studies.

b) Microbiology workshop with Doug

c) Environmental Technologies with Ellen and Narelle

d) Maths for Computing Games with Brett

e) Robotics with Marissa

f) Eye Witness Testimony with Paul

Darlene Voss from SKTP with Paul Williamson
g) Cooling Gases with Emma Lawrance

h) Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering with David Hobbs
Diane Vomberg from Science 21 with David

i) Free phone calls, distance communication in an emergency and other adventures in mobile application development with Paul Gardner Stephen

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rotational Motional Practical  - Physics
Students investigated the circular motion of a variety of masses using a specially designed apparatus using a turntable, where the radius and speed can be controlled. Collaboratively they: stated a hypothesis, identified and manipulated variables using safe and ethical work practices,  collected,  displayed, interpreted and analysed data using appropriate technology. Finally they determined a conclusion relevant to the hypothesis and evaluated the procedure through considering errors and suggesting improvements to the procedure. 


Cluster Map